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IRI Behavioral Health copy

I have made many  new friends coming here that I know will last a lifetime.

    – Alven

Behavioral Health and Rehabilitation Services is a long-term, preventive, and rehabilitative service designed to serve members with severe and persistent mental illness who need structured ongoing maintenance.

Eligibility : Must be 18 or older with a chronic ongoing mental illness. Must also have a Medicaid Card.

Diagnosis: Must have a diagnosis of one of the following: Bipolar with delusions/hallucinations; Schizophrenia; Schizo-Affective; Major Depressive Disorder with delusions/hallucinations; these must be chronic and ongoing.

Functionality: Deficiencies in 3 of 5 major life areas:

Self Care, Social, Ability to Maintain Household, Maladaptive Behaviors, Maintain Health and Safety and Community Skills.

  • IRI will pick the client up at their place of residence and bring them to one of our day treatment centers.
  • Participants will be fed nutritious meals while at our centers.
  • They are in a classroom setting where a structured program of ongoing regularly scheduled activities designed to maintain a member’s level of functioning and prevent deterioration. This may include instruction in  personal hygiene; community resources; interpersonal skills; problem solving; communication; stress reduction; interpersonal relationships; social skill development and coping skills; understanding mental illness and current events.
  • Community outings are also a part of this program and for the most part are scheduled on a weekly basis.

For more information contact: Jamie Stanley at 304-294-5610 or