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Integrated Resources provides vocational services through referrals from the West Virginia Dept. of Rehabilitation Services. We can provide the following services:

Life Skills Assessment: Would extract a skill assessment from over 200 questions pertaining to sixteen categories: Money Management: Food Management, Personal Hygiene, Health, Housekeeping, Transportation, Education, Job Seeking Skills, Housing, Leisure Activities, Legal Skills, Interpersonal Skills, Community Resources, Emergency Safety, Job Maintenance Skills, Religion.

Community Based Assessment: IRI will secure contracts with area businesses that will allow a participant to work in a wide variety of businesses to assess the skills and interests of  the participant and gauge whether or not further training or job pursuit in that field is warranted.

Extended Assessment: Provided when, (because of the severity of the disability), the Rehabilitation counselor finds there is insufficient data to determine whether the individual can benefit from vocational rehabilitation services to determine employment outcome.

Work Skills Assessment: Utilized for individuals that have a general idea of specific vocational goals but unclear if they can meet the demands of the job.

Work Adjustment: Enables the individual to acquire job readiness skills while performing in an actual work setting.

Job Coaching: Other than supported employment: Refers to the training of an employee by IRI staff using structured intervention techniques to help the employee learn to perform job task to the employees specifications and to learn the interpersonal skills necessary to be accepted as a worker at the job site and in related community contacts.

Supported Employment.: Enables the client with the most significant disabilities to enter or retain competitive employment in an integrated setting. Clients eligible for this program will need intensive job site training/job coaching and will need ongoing support services in order to perform their work after job placement and case closure.

Direct Placement: Ongoing support services are not necessary but may require follow up services. Individual is placed in a competitive employment situation.

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Are you eligible?: Eligibility is based on three factors. You have a physical or mental condition that interferes with your ability to get or keep a job; you can benefit from services in terms of an employment outcome; and you need vocational services to get or keep a job.

When can I apply: Although there are no specific age limits, DRS services are usually not considered until the applicant is a sophomore or junior in high school or approaching working age.

*Integrated Resources Inc. is not affiliated with the WVDRS. IRI is an approved DRS services vendor. WVDRS provides other services not listed in this publication. For more information log in to