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Applicant age:

Applications on a potential client may be taken as early as age three.

How do I apply?

An IRI representative will assist  with filling out an application.  The applicant must meet  eligibility criteria in each of  these categories:

Diagnosis, Functionality and Need for Active Treatment and Financial Eligibility


Applicants must have a diagnosis of mental retardation with  substantial deficits  prior to age 22.  Examples include but are not limited to autism, traumatic brain injury, cerebral palsy, spina  bifida and others not deemed to be mental illnesses.


What conditions qualify? There must be deficiencies in  3 of 6 major life areas: Self Care, Communication, Learning, Mobility, Self Direction and Capacity for independent living which includes: home living, social skills, employment, health and safety, community and leisure activities.

Active Treatment

There must also be supporting  documentation that shows the applicant would benefit  from continuous active treatment.

Financial Eligibility:

Must be less than three times the SSI limit or $2199 per month if under 18 years of age.

American Psyche System Health Care in Charleston  WV will review the application for approval.  Once the application is approved, the client is placed on a waiting list. Applying as early as possible helps the applicant avoid delays when they need services the most.