Jerry Tolliver WVARF Employee of the Year

By February 8, 2013News
[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he West Virginia Association of Rehabilitation Facilities (WVARF) in Charleston WV has chosen Integrated Resources employee Jerry Tolliver as their State Use Employee of the year for 2012. WVARF acts as the liaison between the state Community Rehabilitation Programs (CRP) and the West Virginia State Government. The State Use Program allows CRPs such as Integrated Resources Inc. to provide products and services to state agencies. This in turn helps provide employment for people with disabilities.
Jerry Tolliver is a lifelong resident of Wyoming County, West Virginia. He spent most of his childhood and young adulthood in Maben, West Virginia. He attended school in Mullens, West Virginia until he started work at the House of Wonder Shelter Workshop in 1970. He worked at the Workshop alongside the founder of the Sheltered Workshop, Ms. Elizabeth Williams. With Ms.Williams’s encouragement, Jerry left the sheltered Workshop in 1977 and returned to Mullens High School where he graduated with the Class of 1978. After graduation, Jerry worked doing odd jobs for members of his community such as mowing grass, repairing and general maintenance on cars and simple around the home repairs.
In the summer of 2009, Jerry was hired as a member of the mowing crew on both State Use and Private Contracts at Integrated Recourses, Inc. and in January of 2010 he returned as a participant of the House of Wonder Sheltered Workshop. In his time with Integrated Recourses, Inc. and House of Wonder Shelter Workshop, Jerry has been a model employee and an active member of the community. Jerry always offers to help anyone he feels is in need of some assistance and constantly looking for ways to help others. Jerry is revered by his fellow participants and supervisors in the Workshop for his personality, dedication, enthusiasm and geniality.
Jerry works diligently at any task assigned to him. At Integrated Resources, Inc. Jerry is a jack of all trades: he can operate almost all of the machinery in the Workshop, make handmade crafts, mow grass, and assist in the managing the maintenance of the fleet vehicles and lend a helping hand to anyone in need. Jerry serves two of our state use contracts. He works the river access on the mowing crew and is a custodian at the WVDRS.
Jerry now resides in Mullens where he moved after the death of his parents to assist his sister with everyday living. Jerry is an independent, reliable, giving, upstanding asset to his community and our family here at Integrated Resources, Inc.